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Do you see this? This is Sweet Frog.

Now let me explain to you why Sweet Frog is the shit, alright?

It’s basically a Christian organization done right, in this time where you have assholes like Chick-Fil-A and stuff, you might walk into a Sweet Frog and see ‘Fully Rely on God’ on the wall and little Bible verses on the cups or hear their music which in some locations is just praise music and think “Oh great, bigots.” but you hold on for one second before you walk out the door. 

It’s understandable that someone walking through the door would be concerned that their money may end up going toward organizations that work against gay marriage, a woman’s right to abortion, and various other things that Christian businesses are infamous for. However, Sweet Frog holds the stance that upholding Christian values means helping those around you, and that means not diminishing someone’s importance or alienating them because of race, creed, gender, sexual preference, or gender identity or any number of things, that all people deserve to be treated with respect. 

When you visit Sweet Frog you can rest assured that your money will be going toward groups such as Tiger Lily Charities (a nonprofit that gives financial aid to individuals with leukemia and their families), Interfaith Outreach United (a group of businesses and groups of various faiths including Muslim, Jewish, and various branches of Christianity that work together to volunteer their time to their communities to feed the hungry, visit the sick, help the homeless, and perform random acts of kindness while simultaneously spreading understanding and tolerance at the same time), They donated money to go toward helping those in Boston after the bombings and they have donated money to raise awareness concerning the issues of human trafficking.

So next time you head into Sweet Frog to enjoy a cup of chocolate hazelnut frozen yogurt with hot fudge, cheesecake bites and reeses bits or mango berry colada with mochi and fresh fruit….. you can enjoy it knowing that you’re supporting a business that respects you and those you love.

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